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A. Argyrou & Associates is one of the most well established and reputed law firms in Cyprus while continuing to grow rapidly.  Its offices are located at the centre of Limassol, Cyprus’ main commercial and business centre. The firm is composed of a driven and qualified team of advocates with extensive experience as legal professionals in Cyprus.


Our clients vary from multinational to private, insurance and construction companies, local authorities and private individuals originating from various jurisdictions and sectors. We strive to focus on the specific demands and needs of every client to provide personalised services and functional solutions.


Our mission is the provision of services of high quality, having as our main consideration the personal or business needs of our clients, aiming at the defence and advancement of their lawful interests and the protection of their rights. We endeavour the continuous broadening

of our areas of expertise, being in contact with the legal and commercial world, recognising

the new challenges brought by social and technological advancement.


Our main goal and concern are to focus on the specific demands and circumstances of every client, in order to provide personalised, high-level integrated services and functional solutions, achieving the best possible results.


Professionalism, organisation, honesty, transparency, sincerity, respect, ethos, experience, integrity and excellent legal training are the key qualities of the advocates of our firm. We are prepared to handle every case that is assigned to us with the necessary understanding and responsibility. The relations between our personnel and our clientele are based on trust, respect and understanding of the intricacies of each case.


Beyond the field of litigation, we offer services on the extrajudicial plane for the administration of business, property and personal affairs, such as citizenship

applications, property and tax affairs as well as the extrajudicial settlement of disputes.

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